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Collarín Universal

Collarín Universal

DN50 to DN1000



The AQUA Universal Tapping saddle range comprises saddles with stainless steel straps. Bodies are manufactured from EN- GJS-400-15 ductile iron with either epoxy or cataphoresis coating. Bodies are available in small or medium size, which fit with one strap, or large size which fit with 2-4 straps.


The small and medium sized heads are available with integrated shutoff by means of a removable stainless steel spatula. The saddles are available with outlets from 1⁄2” to 3”, and the large heads are also available with PN 10/16 flanged outlets.


    • RANGE
      Both the body and the gasket fit nine nominal diameters for different pipes
      EPDM gasket to EN681-1, mechanically inserted on Series 1425
      Series 1410 has integrated shutoff with stainless steel spatula

    • The Series 1400 saddles
      Made from EN-GJS-400-15 ductile
      pipe by means of stainless steel straps Series 1450. The straps stainless steel, covered in EPDM-65 rubber to protect the pipe. They are fixed to the saddles with M14 stainless steel bolts, nuts and washers (AISI-304). In this way, a small number of heads can be used to cover all pipe dimensions from DN 50 to DN1000.

    • Saddle gaskets are EPDM to EN681-1, and for the Series 1425 they are mechanically inserted to guarantee watertightness

    • The saddles can be used for all pipe types

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